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Preorder - Where Are All the Minnesotans?

Preorder - Where Are All the Minnesotans?


Written by Karlyn Coleman

Illustrated by Carrie Hartman

Age Range: 5 - 7 years


Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society (October, 2017)

So excited for the release of my newest book. Coming Fall 2017. Preorder now! Orders will be sent mid to late October upon the book's release.

From the book jacket:

In the Midwest, winter means freezing temperatures, shorter days, and piles of snow. For some, the logical response is to curl up under the blankets and hibernate until spring.

But wait: where are all the Minnesotans? Outside, of course! First, bundle up: a warm coat and a hat and gloves, and you're all set. Now, squeeze into an ice-fishing shack to try your luck, or skate on a lake and swipe at a puck. Grab a sled and all your friends and tackle a snow-covered hill. Or how about a candlelit ski, with the moon shining brightly overhead?

Think parades are only for summer? Not so: a winter carnival brings folks to watch cheerful floats and marching bands. And kites are not only for spring: their bright shapes and flowing tails dance above a frozen lake, waving and dipping in the brisk breeze. With these activities and many more, Minnesotans make the most of the wintry months.

But what if the temperature drops and the wind starts to blow? Safety comes first: now everyone's home. It's time to hunker down by the fire, bake cookies, read stories, and dream of spring. And where do you suppose all the Minnesotans will be then?

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